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Hey There, I am Trick Rash, A Young Student, Passionate Blogger who Likes To Discover The Internet, Blogging, Software World.

I am currently Living in  Gujarat, India.

This Blog is Based on Tutorials, Lessons, Tips on Some of The Topics, from the Deep Ocean Of The Internet and Software World, Like Android ,Network Trick, Blogging, SEO, Facebook, Money Making, Reviews etc. Before Making This Blog, I Have Tried Some Blogs on free platforms and that’s where my Interest in Blogging started.

I used to create Blogs on Different places like Blogger, WordPress (Free) But I never worked on them. They were always like a Blank paper. I only used to Publish only one Post – The “Hello-Hi” one, Which I now after making this blog, discovered that is called “About Me” page which you are reading now!

Just like every Blogger, I wanna be successful in the Blogsphere icon wink About Me

My mission for Making this blog is to Provide my blog Readers Fresh, Quality, New Content. I everyday do a lot of Research to get ideas on what to write & what not for my Readers!

I am not a SEO pro, nor a Affiliate Master! but I am on my way to learning new things and continuously experimenting on my blog with the new things I get know about everyday. I want to get better rankings in Search Engines and increase my SERP. I am currently learning SEO, a lot so I can be a Search Engine Superstar icon smile About Me

I think the traffic we get from Search Engines is the best traffic because in some ways We’ve helped the visitor who reached the blog from Search Results as he must be searching something that he want to know about.

Currently, I am the only Administrator of this blog, whereas I do accept Guest posts on my blog, If I get some nice ones of them. I Registered Trickrosh.blogspot.com, and Published the Blog.

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